1. Track your referrals to Specialists


The patients who refer to specialists are your best patients. You don’t need to spend marketing dollars or recall efforts to attract them; these patients are already in your chair. They also trust you enough to accept your treatment plan.


When you refer your patients to a specialist, how certain are you that every patient calls and schedules? Every patient who forgets, loses the referral, or falls through the cracks represents a worsening condition. In the future, some of these patients may not return to you because they’re embarrassed by or blame you for their own inaction. By ensuring all of your referred patients end up at the specialist, you increase loyalty and keep your best patients in your practice.


2. Get Your Referred Patient Back for Follow-Up


Every root canal requires a buildup and crown. Every implant requires an abutment and crown. A significant amount of your referred patients need follow up work, which means high production for you and prompt care for the patient.


Does every specialist notify you immediately when their work s done and the patient needs to return for follow up treatment? If not, you’re losing a lot of production that you don’t have to sell and the patient really needs. With automatic communication between you and your specialists on every referral, you can fill your schedule with the cases you really want and need.


3. Stay Focused on your Large Cases


Every month or two you see a patient who needs $20,000 in treatment, but first neesd to see the endodontist for an acute condition or orthodontist to rotate one tooth. When you refer out, you hope the patient returns soon and ask your staff to “keep track of that one” and hope.


How do you track large cases that can begin as soon as the specialist is finished? If you don’t have a system, you’re losing the same perfect patients you work so hard to attract with expensive marketing and premier customer service. To really elevate your production and patient care, you need a way to monitor the specialists’ progress with these large cases.


There’s a Free Solution to Handle Your Referrals!


Refera automates the referral process. Patients receive text and email reminders to visit the specialist and return to you if follow up work is needed. General practitioners can monitor all of their specialists’ progress in one place, and receive instant notification when work is complete. This software has increased GP’s Production by up to 25% and it’s completely free.