Buying a Dental Practice 

Should be one of the most positive experiences of your lifetime–but dental school does not prepare you for this enormous step

 JoAnne Tanner, MBA, can make the difference by getting you what you want in the sale without the pitfalls that can derail the inexperienced buyer

What Makes JoAnne Different from Other Dental Transition Specialists?

She provides due diligence to uncover the critical factors of the sale externally, and uncovers potential revenue generating opportunities internally by performing a thorough analysis of the current practice management systems.

JoAnne can laser focus on the most critical details of a sale to provide representation on the following:

Evaluating key practice vital signs including actual active patients and accurate new patient numbers, fee analysis, and much more Examination and verification of all documents necessary for the completion of the transition Keys to understanding the sellers’ staff culture and patient treatment philosophy Guidance to growing the practice of your dreams JoAnne’s personal coaching/guidance throughout the transition and afterward



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