When you purchase a practice, do you KNOW that you will receive the same dental plan contracts that the dentist selling had?

If not, have you checked? There is NO guarantee that you will. This could translate to thousands of dollars lost – even with trying to keep the same plans.

Often, you can’t get the exact same plan – they will offer a LOWER fee schedule. Unless you are willing to lose dozens or even hundreds of patients, you need to know this in advance.

FOR EXAMPLE, I received a call yesterday from a dentist that is considering buying another dental practice (will be his 2nd location).  His first location is in San Francisco and the 2nd practice will be only 15 miles south.  We contacted Delta Dental, re: Premier Status.

There used to be an option to opt-out of the Delta PPO plan. However, this clause had been removed and Premier only is no longer an option.  This dentist was very pleased that he contacted us as he was unaware of this change. For more information or assistance in purchasing a dental practice, call us at 916-791-2720 or contact us online.