Mastering Dental Practice Acquisition: The Essential Role of Due Diligence

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Mastering Dental Practice Acquisition: The Essential Role of Due Diligence Schedule Consultation In the dynamic landscape of the business of dentistry, dental practice acquisition emerges as a pivotal strategy for growth and expansion. However, the key to a successful acquisition lies in the meticulous process known as due diligence. In this blog, we’ll explore the […]

Dental Practice Due Diligence

Listen Now:   Listen as JoAnne Tanner and Wes Read, CPA discuss what “due diligence” means when purchasing a dental practice in a process full of potential landmines.

Buying a Dental Practice

Buying a Dental Practice Webinar? If you are considering buying a dental practice contact JoAnne Tanner, MBA with Tanner Management to help guide you through the practice acquisition. How will COVID affect the purchase price? Learn financial practice benchmarks. How to analyze the Delta impact. Email to register or call 916-791-2720 

Dr. Marlin Works With Joanne Tanner Management

As one of the nation’s top dental management consultants, JoAnne Tanner is excited to introduce experienced prosthodontist Dr. Gerald M. Marlin’s Elite Prosthetic Dentistry practice in Washington, DC. Dr. Marlin and his talented team of dental professionals strive to provide patients with the highest quality of dental care available. When you visit Elite Prosthetic Dentistry’s […]

Buying a dental practice

When buying a home, you would never think about the process without a 3rd-party home inspection. Think of US as your “third party inspector” to uncover the leaks, check the numbers match up correctly, and everything is working as the seller claims! Buying a dental practice is no different than buying a house – except […]

Buy a Dental Practice

If you are planning to purchase a dental practice, don’t do it alone. Ask us about the 6 “Must-Have” Metrics we have identified, that will greatly help you appropriately evaluate a dental practice. Contact Tanner Dental Transitions to help:  

Dental Due Diligence, Buying a Dental Practice?

Get Behind the Numbers and Know What You Are Buying!   Is your client buying a solid practice – or a house of cards? Let us help them find out! We can “Truly get Behind the Numbers” to determine HOW the production was generated, the odds of it continuing, and identify ideas for increasing profit. […]