Dental Practice Acquisitions

Are you considering buying a dental practice?

  • How do you confidently purchase knowing you are buying the “right” practice for you and paying the right amount BEFORE you embark on a Dental Practice Acquisition?
  • How do you know if the timing is right for you or for the market you are in?
  • Do you know what financial paperwork and records you should be evaluating to see if the practice has been running smoothly?
  • How do you get the current owner to “turn over” the correct financial paperwork and balance sheets that reveal the true workings of the practice?
  • Does the practice have a three-year history of growth or decline?
  • What do you say to the seller if something just doesn’t “look” right?
  • How will you know when you have done enough “Due Diligence”?

 Meet Dental Practice Due Diligence ExpertJoAnne Tanner, MBA

JoAnne is a dedicated professional with a solid track record of over 30 years working in the dental industry. Combining that with her Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis on Strategic Planning and it puts her as one of the nation’s leading influencers in the innovative development of dental practices.

JoAnne is uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of a dental practice transition from evaluating a current practice, establishing a solid baseline for growth, and implementing the proper strategies to create the growth you desire as a new practice owner. She has worked closely with hundreds of dentists across North America designing and implementing their customized dental practice management, dental marketing, and dental consulting programs.

Acquire the Practice You Deserve

Each dental practice has their own unique personality. By doing a simple skills assessment and even a personality assessment, Tanner Dental Transitions team can pair you up with the best option for you when looking for the “right” practice match for your strengths. JoAnne is dedicated to helping you acquire the dental practice of your dreams. By utilizing precision analysis and proper due diligence, we’ve made the dental acquisition process easier than ever.

Dental Acquisition Process

From evaluating the practice to signing the final paperwork, we assist in every step of the process. By analyzing key practice vital signs and cash flow analysis, we can determine the best next steps for your practice acquisition. After the acquisition process is complete, Tanner Dental Transitions will continue to properly set you up for success. We take each practice acquisition as if we were buying it for a family member!

How Tanner Dental Transitions Can Help You

Our commitment here at Tanner Dental Transitions is to give you the tools to make your dream a reality. For example, as part of our consulting services, we provide you with an automated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tool that allows you to monitor and manage multiple aspects of your practice in one simple to understand report.

In addition to offering ongoing consulting along the path to practice ownership, you can count on the following:

  • Help you properly evaluate and determine the fair market value of the practice you are looking at.
  • Help you write and ensure a comprehensive purchase transition agreement is in place.
  • Help negotiate the contract of sale, especially when or if things get tough.
  • Help prepare you for running a practice efficiently in the future.

We have worked with all types of practices such as S-Corps, LLC’s, PSC’s, Sole Proprietorships, multi-doctor practices and everything in between. Our experience in working with hundreds of dental offices over the past 30 years, gives us the “edge” over our competitors in the field. That’s why when we say we can assist through every step of the dental practice acquisition process, we mean it.

To find out more about how JoAnne Tanner, MBA can help you purchase a dental practice you’ve always wanted or schedule an obligation-free dental practice management consultation, please contact us or call us at (916) 791-2720.