When purchasing a dental practice, the banker and your CPA will be looking at the practice data.

However, do you really know what you are buying?

  • Does any of the equipment need replacing within the next couple of years?
  • Does the office properly diagnose and present treatment? Evaluate at least 50 charts (depending upon the size of the practice).¬† Does your practice philosophy match the sellers? Do they “under-diagnose” or “overdiagnose”?
  • How much pending treatment is there on the active patients?
  • Do you know how many active patients are in the practice?
  • Where do the patients currently come from primarily? (Is the current doctor heavily involved in a community or religious group that provides a steady stream of new patients?)

Other things to consider include:

  • What outstanding bills for labwork, supplies, or equipment are outstanding?
  • Does the office have any ongoing service contracts with suppliers, Medical waste providers, other service providers, or Yellow Pages, or website companies?
  • Who will handle any “redo’s” on treatment and within what time frame will they cover it?


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