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Drop Delta

Freedom from PPOs: Is It Right for Your Practice?

Is Delta Dental and other PPOs diminishing your profits with their continuously lowering fees? Many dentists are deciding it’s time to reclaim control over their practice’s financial health by moving towards Insurance Independence. With Tanner Management, you get an exclusive program designed to simplify this transition while ensuring patient retention and satisfaction.

Expert Guidance by JoAnne Tanner

JoAnne Tanner, a seasoned dental practice consultant, offers her expertise to guide your practice through the intricacies of dropping PPO plans. Her approach focuses on strategic planning and patient communication to minimize disruptions and maximize practice growth during this crucial transition.

Benefits of Insurance Independence

Higher Profit Margins

Freeing your practice from the constraints of PPOs can lead to improved profitability through direct patient billing and customized service pricing.

Enhanced Patient Relationships

Build stronger connections with patients based on quality of care rather than insurance constraints.

Customized Care Plans

Develop personalized treatment plans that better meet the needs of your patients and your practice’s financial goals.

Navigating the Transition

Switching from a PPO-dominated model to Insurance Independence is a significant change. Tanner Management provides step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth transition, focusing on key aspects such as patient education, pricing adjustments, and strategic marketing. JoAnne Tanner’s proven strategies are designed to maintain patient loyalty and operational stability.

Redefining Success on Your Terms

It’s time to redefine what success means for your dental practice. With Tanner Management, you gain the freedom to set your own terms, focus on patient care, and manage your practice with strategic foresight. Don’t let insurance companies dictate the success of your practice. Unlock the full potential of your dental office with JoAnne Tanner’s expert guidance.

This service page content outlines the advantages and strategic approach to transitioning away from reliance on PPOs, emphasizing the expertise and support Tanner Management offers to ensure the successful implementation of Insurance Independence.

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