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Free Dental Practice Growth Report

Discover Key Insights with Our Free Growth Report

Gain valuable insights into your dental practice’s performance with our Free Dental Practice Growth Report, custom-developed for users of Dentrix, EagleSoft, or Open Dental Practice Management Software. This comprehensive report reveals critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can guide your practice toward substantial growth.

What You'll Learn from the Report

Performance Benchmarks

Understand how your practice compares to local averages in various metrics like fee schedules, patient treatment programs, and x-ray routines.

Operational Efficiency

Examine your practice’s efficiency in areas such as treatment plan acceptance rates, pre-booking hygiene appointments, and collections-to-production ratio.

Growth Opportunities

Identify existing opportunities within your practice to expand and improve without the need for hefty investments in marketing or new equipment.

Experience The Impact

Our report is designed to open your eyes to the untapped potential within your practice. We’ve seen practices improve their bottom line by 15-25% simply by acting on the insights our report provides. This service is offered free of charge and without any obligation, reflecting our confidence in its value.

Take Action Today

If you’re ready to explore how you can enhance your dental practice’s performance and achieve the practice you’ve always wanted, contact Tanner Management to schedule your free report and a no-obligation consultation. Unlock the potential to transform your practice’s efficiency and profitability today!

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