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Mastering Dental Practice Acquisition: The Essential Role of Due Diligence

In the dynamic landscape of the business of dentistry, dental practice acquisition emerges as a pivotal strategy for growth and expansion. However, the key to a successful acquisition lies in the meticulous process known as due diligence. In this blog, we’ll explore the nuances of practice acquisition, underlining the critical role of due diligence, guided by insights from JoAnne Tanner, MBA, of Tanner Management.

About JoAnne Tanner and Tanner Management

JoAnne Tanner, MBA, a renowned consultant in the field of practice acquisition, brings a wealth of expertise and experience. Tanner Management, her brainchild, has been instrumental in facilitating seamless transitions in numerous dental practice acquisitions, earning a reputation for excellence and thoroughness.

Practice acquisition refers to the process of acquiring an existing business practice, typically in fields like healthcare, legal, or dental practices. It’s a strategic move for companies looking to expand their market reach, diversify services, or gain competitive advantages.

The Role of Due Diligence in a Dental Practice Acquisition

Due diligence in dental practice acquisition is the comprehensive assessment of the dental practice before the ­­­­acquisition. It involves analyzing financial records, legal compliances, management, and the clinical philosophy. This step is crucial in minimizing risks and ensuring a profitable investment, as well as a smooth transition.

Key Factors to Consider in Practice Acquisition

Build Your Team of Advisors

  • Financial Health (CPA): Assessing the financial stability and potential of the practice.
  • Legal Aspects (Attorney): Understanding any legal obligations or liabilities.
  • Clinical (Tanner Management): Do you agree with the seller’s treatment philosophy? Are you able to perform the same procedures? What procedures can you add?
  • Management Aspects (Tanner Management): Helping you understand and get behind the numbers. Tanner Management will also provide recommendations on how to improve the existing practice.


The Benefits of Thorough Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence helps in making informed decisions, avoiding unforeseen liabilities, and ensuring a harmonious integration of the acquired practice. It’s a safeguard against investment risks and a step towards a successful acquisition.

Practice acquisition, when executed with thorough due diligence, can be a game-changer for businesses. Tanner Management stands as an exemplary guide in this journey, ensuring that each acquisition is a stepping stone towards success.

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