Dental Management – FREE Growth Report

Custom developed for your dental practice – especially if you are using Dentrix, EagleSoft, or Open Dental Practice Management Software.

This FREE report will tell you some of the following Key Performance Indicators for your business:

  • Do you know where are the current opportunities already existing in your practice?
    • Most dentists are “Lone Rangers” and by comparing your statistics to averages for your area, you will often find some statistics that are hiding in your blind spots.
    • Do you know if your fee schedules are “high”, “low”, or “just-right” for your area?
    • What percentage of your patients are in an “active Periodontal treatment program”?  Is your practice perio program higher or lower than the community your practice in?
    • Are you taking routine x-rays, or are many of your patients slipping through the cracks?
    • Are you doing regular comprehensive and periodic exams on your patients consistently?
    • How does your ratio of RESTORATIVE CARE procedures in your patient’s treatment plans compare to other practices?
    • What percentage of your diagnosed Treatment Plans get Accepted and Completed?
    • Are you pre-booking your hygiene appointments?
    • What is your Collections to Production Ratio?
    • What is your Average New Patient Value?
    • What is your year-to-year growth rate of New Patients?
    • Do you know YOUR hourly Production and that of your Hygienist? How does it compare to your colleagues?
    • Assessing your present circumstances and dental practice potential.
    • Learn what Benchmarks your practice could be targeting. Our experienced team can help guide you to getting those implemented!

Most dentists are blindly plugging along day-to-day without goals, without understanding where they already have the potential to expand their practices, without spending thousands of dollars on Marketing or taking expensive courses, or buying expensive new equipment.

Running this simple, but eye-opening report alone can help you see your potential for growth. Best of all, we will run it for you for free and with no obligation!

We are so confident in the value of this report, we have seen that simply running the report has the potential to improve most dental practice’s bottom line 15-25% alone, if you just take some action based upon this report!

If you think this could be of value to you, give us a call!

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