JoAnne Tanner

JoAnne Tanner, MBA is a dedicated professional with a solid track record in the dental industry. JoAnne has become one of the nation’s leading influences in the innovative development of dental practices. JoAnne has worked closely with hundreds of dentists across North America designing and implementing their customized dental practice management, dental marketing and dental consulting programs.

JoAnne has a passion for helping dentists and their leadership teams create clarity and accountability, reduce complexity, and achieve their vision. JoAnne’s wide range of dental knowledge and dental practice management experience and proven abilities have made her a popular trainer and speaker for dental practices across the country. Her extensive dental and marketing background has given her unique insights into successfully blending staff incentive programs and solid organizational procedures with well-planned marketing programs for her clients. Her ability to provide dental professionals with management skills needed to maintain control of their practices, create environments for achievement and instill enthusiasm in their entire dental team has made her a strong asset to the dental profession.

JoAnne holds a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in strategic planning. She also served five years of active duty as a Dental Technician in the United States Navy.

Cecie Mendoza

“I am a true believer that behind every great team is a great coach. With your core philosophy, we will work together and build a path to your desired goals with our unique and innovative programs.”

• Bachelor’s in Advertising and Marketing
• Certified Practice Management Consultant
• 20 years business management experience in private practice
• 15 years’ experience with EagleSoft
• 15 years Dental Practice Management Implementation

Cecie left Silicon Valley and began her road to coaching while learning the business side of dentistry alongside her husband as the office administrator. After incorporating practice management systems into their practice and seeing the positive results it brought, made Cecie want to help other dentists and offices achieve the same goals and get out of practice plateau. The knowledge and skills gained through hands-on experience have shaped her current success as a practice management consultant and speaker. She has been coaching dentists, owners, and employees on new business solutions, enhancing existing systems, and developing effective team members.

She is passionate about empowering dental practice owners to make well-informed financial business decisions while providing the highest quality of care to their patients.

Jeff Barnard

Jeff Barnard is the Group Administrator for Eagle Rock Dental Care PLLC a three location group practice centered in Idaho Falls, ID. For the Last 18 years Jeff has been a Thrive Management Certified Trainer, teaching Thrive Management classes including culture, team building and bottom up management tools to practices and dental organizations across the Nation.

Jeff comes from a dental family as his father and brother are both dentists. Jeff always says he has been in dentistry for 50 years, because he grew up going to the office with his father and going to CE with his father during his teen and early adult years.
Because of what he learned about the dental business as a youth, Jeff chose to get a Bachelor Degree in Management Human Resources. He knew there had to be a better way to help dentists run a business without being everything including the dentists in the business. In 2010 Jeff returned to graduate school and earned a master’s degree in Leadership Human Resources.

Jeff is no theorist when it comes to growth-management for dentistry, because as a real “in the trenches”, and in the “hot-seat,” administrator, he lives and works with the Thrive technology on a daily basis with his outstanding Eagle Rock organization and full team in Idaho Falls.

Dental Consultant JoAnne Tanner & Cecie Mendoza

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