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Dental Practice Management

We offer month-to-month services without long-term contracts. However, many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years!

Dental Practice Consulting and Practice Management

JoAnne Tanner, MBA has over 30 years of experience with coaching dental practices across the United States. Her expertise in helping dentists lead their teams more effectively and profitably is shown in the hundreds of practices that have trusted her knowledge.

Why Does a Practice Need Practice Management Coaching?

The Multifaceted Role of Dentists in Practice Management

Dentists are given numerous tasks on their shoulders running a business. In addition to providing optimal oral health care to their patients, they are responsible for marketing, learning new technologies, keeping up with insurance changes, staff training and motivation, handling the finances of the business, and presenting treatment to patients so they appreciate the value of your services.

Continuous Learning and Competitiveness in Dental Practice

Any one of these topics could be turned into an entire weekend course and you’d have to update your learning annually because it’s important not only to stay on top of all these areas but also, keep an eye out for competition in your local area.

The Value of Expert Consultation and the Role of KPIs in Practice Management

One of the benefits of working with an experienced consultant like JoAnne, is that she has seen what “works” and what “doesn’t work” in each of these areas. For example, simply knowing what statistics a practice should be looking at each week and each month can help you keep your office on track. These Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are critical to running your business just like an airline has checklists and specific protocols they must follow, if you can systematize many of these activities and results, you can identify exactly what actions should be taken next.

How does the Management Consulting Services work?

Just like you don’t diagnose a comprehensive treatment plan without looking at a patient’s dental history, their radiographs, and looking around inside their mouth, we also have an INTAKE form that lets us see quickly which areas of your practice might need attention. Not everyone needs the same services. We help you identify your blind spots and also identify your strengths.

After an initial evaluation and “check-up” of your office, we will give you a plan to Improve those areas that might be holding you back from growing your business.

What are Some of the Common Areas an Experienced Consultant Can Help a Dental Practice?

If you are sitting at your desk each night thinking you “should” be enjoying your dental practice more, or you “should” be earning more for how hard you are working, then it’s time to let us help open the floodgates and make it happen. Dentistry is an amazing field and has lots of great opportunities still.

The top-producing Dental Offices in the country all have used consultants to help them strategize, implement, and create the practice of their dreams. Now it’s YOUR TURN!

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